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Web Application Testing

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Why do I need web application testing?

In 2018 almost every organisation uses a web application in one form or another to conduct their business. This might be a website to display their content, or an application that interacts with its users.

TryPeek will identify the most serious threats to your company through your application. We offer a wide range of web application testing services from standard web browser applications, mobile applications and thick client (Java) applications. All our application tests areconducted manually by our highly-qualified penetration testing experts.

Why choose TryPeek for your Web Application testing needs?

At TryPeek we believe one of the most important aspects of an application test is to fully understand the application and its dynamics. Only once this is understood should the OWASP Top10 methodology of testing be carried out against the application.

Each application is unique, and should be treated as such. During the initial phase, our experts will formulate an attack plan by identifying the areas which require the most focus, whilst still ensuring maximum coverage and identifying the areas that would most likely be targeted by an attacker.

TryPeek’s application testing methodology can be provided upon request.