What is Penetration Testing?

Here's a little need to know information

Identify Vulnerabilties

Penetration Testing is the systematic process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in a range of business assets, including; applications, networks, mobile devices and wireless networks. Penetration Tests (Pen Tests) aim to evaluate these vulnerabilities and ascertain whether exploitation is possible and how much of an impact there is to the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of your data.

Manage Risk

A penetration test forms part of an organisation showing due diligence and care for the data it protects as well as its user base. By performing penetration testing you are taking the first step in protecting your organisations data and in addition protecting its credibility.

Flaunt the Successes

Not every penetration test reveals worrying findings that could cripple an organisation. By following the systematic process within Penetration Testing you will be in a position to show both current and prospective clients that you take security seriously.

TryPeek's Penetration Testing Services

Infrastructure Security

Our expert penetration testers use their experience to identify vulnerabilties in your infrastructure systems. We will work with you to remediate any potential issues, preserving the integrity of your systems.

Application Security

Using a mix of manual and automated techniques, our experts will identify potential issues in your applications and work with you to remediate them. All of our consultants follow the OWASP Top 10 approach.

Mobile Application Security

We can assess your mobile applications and identify any vulnerabilties which may put your organisation or user base at risk. We will assist you remediating any potential issues.

Physical Security

Our consultants leverage years of security and psychology experience to test the physical defences of your organisation. All of our Red Team consultants hold the gold standard CCSAS qualification for simualted attack specialists.

Build Review

Does your organisation have a baseline build which it copies to other machines? Let us test your gold build and identify any vulnerabilties or misconfigurations that could be putting your organisation at risk.

Wireless Security

We can test both corporate and guest wireless networks for any potential configuration issues or weaknesses that could expose your data. We have the latest gadgets for Wireless Testing including rogue access points and Wifi Pinapples.