Phishing Assessment

Phishing is a type of attack used to steal sensitive data such as credit cards or usernames and passwords

Identify Weaknesses

Whether its a weakness in security awareness, gaps in internal policies or lack of incident response planning our phishing service will identify weaknesses in your organisation.

Change Behaviours

A phishing assessment is a key element in identifying poor security behaviours and with a little gamification can drive your teams to work together to improve security.

Affordable Service

Phishing is typically carried out entirely remotely and usually only takes a maximum of 2 days to carry out. This makes it a very affordable service which will benefit any organisation.

Other services we also recommend

These services compliment Phishing Assessments/p>

Application Security

We can perform in-depth application testing on any applications that may be present within your Infrastracture. Why not contact us today to see how this service will benefit your assessment.

Infrastructure Security

Our expert penetration testers use their experience to identify vulnerabilties in your infrastructure systems. We will work with you to remediate any potential issues, preserving the integrity of your systems.

Physical Security

We offer Red Teaming aka Physical Security assessments. These types of assessment compliment our standard testing, even the most secure systems have become compromised by someone walking straight through the front door.