Can an attacker walk straight in and steal your data?

TryPeek can test your organisations physical security

Enumerate & Assess

We use a mixed approach of manual and automated testing to assess your infrastructure and enumerate information as an adversary would do.


Using our years of experience we will attempt to exploit any plausible issues and provide you with clear working proof of concepts for you to easily replicate and understand the issues. We don't want to cause downtime so we do not exploit issues that might cause disruption without your prior approval

Post Exploitation

Exploiting an issue doesnt mean the assessment is over. We always go the extra mile with our clients. Sometimes this is assessing the true extent of what an attacker could access, or spending extra time writing some code so you can show your team the potential devasting effects of a compromised system.

Other services we also recommend

These services compliment a Physical Security assessment

Infrastructure Security

We can perform in-depth Infrastructure testing on any systems that may be present within your network. Why not contact us today to see how this service will benefit your assessment.

Build Reviews

We can perform in-depth build reviews of your infrastructure systems. A build review will identify issues that go beyond a typical infrastructure assessment. These include configuration issues, missing patches and internal process issues (such as passwords stored on shares)

Web Application Security

Aimed at identifying and exploiting vulnerabilties in your web applications. Can an attacker exploit your applications and access your data. Get in touch for a free quote today.