Training for Cyber Security Professionals

We offer training for individuals taking Crest CRT, CCT INF, CCT APP, CCSAS examinations

Improve Skillset

TryPeeks training will identify weak areas in your skillset and help build upon the skills required for your examination.

Increased Passrate

Individuals who are well prepared are more likely to succeed in passing their examinations first time.

Qualified Instuctor Led Training

All training is carried out by individuals who have studied for and passed the industry leading qualifications.

Other services we also recommend

These services compliment Phishing Assessments/p>

Application Security

We can perform in-depth application testing on any applications that may be present within your Infrastracture. Why not contact us today to see how this service will benefit your assessment.

Infrastructure Security

Our expert penetration testers use their experience to identify vulnerabilties in your infrastructure systems. We will work with you to remediate any potential issues, preserving the integrity of your systems.

Physical Security

We offer Red Teaming aka Physical Security assessments. These types of assessment compliment our standard testing, even the most secure systems have become compromised by someone walking straight through the front door.