Can hackers access your data?

TryPeek will perform an in-depth assessment to identify and exploit vulnerabilties

Identify Vulnerabilties

We use a mixed approach of manual and automated testing to assess your applications and enumerate information as an adversary would do. Using this information we will attempt to exploit your systems and document all successes and fails, providing you with a clear view of your security standing.

Manage Risk

For many organisations, one of the key benefits in performing a Penetration Test is to obtain a baseline to work upon and manage the risk in a structured and methological way. By rating issues High, Medium , Low your organisation can focus on the highest risks first utilising your resources in the best manner.

Increase Business Continuity

Penetration Tests improve a businesses continuity. Insecure systems suffer more breaches in their availability than secure ones. Attackers often target the continuity of business by exploiting the vulnerabilities to gain access and to produce a denial of service condition which usually crashes the server and makes services unavailable.

Why choose TryPeek for Application Security

Highly Qualified

Our consultants hold the Crest CCT Application qualifications as well as other industry leading qualifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional. We are ever evolving and constantly improving.

OWASP/NCSC Methodologies

All of our assessment are carried out in line with OWASP Top 10 and NCSC guidelines to ensure the correct approach is taken and a thorough assessment is carried out. That's why we are an approved digital marketplace supplier.

Manual Testing Approach

We're completely in awe with finding new vulnerabilties, it motivates us and keeps us sharp. We refuse to become yet another security company which relies solely on automated testing.

Other services we also recommend

These services compliment a Web Application Security assessment

Infrastructure Security

We can perform in-depth Infrastructure testing on any systems that may be present within your network. Why not contact us today to see how this service will benefit your assessment.

Build Reviews

We can perform in-depth build reviews of your infrastructure systems. A build review will identify issues that go beyond a typical infrastructure assessment. These include configuration issues, missing patches and internal process issues (such as passwords stored on shares)

Physical Security

We offer Red Teaming aka Physical Security assessments. These types of assessment compliment our standard testing, even the most secure systems have become compromised by someone walking straight through the front door.